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We offer the following adapters for diagnosis of non-OBD2-compliant cars and ECUs. All adapters are tested and certified to work with our software: FiCOM and FCOM. One end (OBD2 female) fits into our diagnostic interface(s), the other connects to control unit or vehicle.

K/BAT/GND Leads to OBD2

Universal adapter with 3 leads: K-Line, Battery+ and Chassis. Useful if no specific adapter is available and for direct-ECU diagnosis (such as Ford TDDi pump).

Works with: FiCOM, FCOM (FoCOM)


ADAPT-UNIOBD2 to K/L/BAT Leads€37.00 EUR / $43.00 USD1

Fiat 3pin to OBD2

Adapter for older Fiat/Alfa/Lancia models which use 3pin connector for diagnosis. Each ECU has it's own connector. Adapter has 2 leads, red connects to battery + pole, black connects via 3pin connector to ECU.

Works with: FiCOM


ADAPT-FIAT3OBD2 to Fiat adapter€37.00 EUR / $43.00 USD1

Iveco Daily 38pin to OBD2

Adapter for Iveco Daily up to 2006. The adapter allows diagnosis of engine control unit, ABS, Code (Immobilizer)

Works with: FiCOM


ADAPT-IVECO38OBD2 to Iveco 38pin adapter€59.00 EUR / $69.00 USD1

PSA Inj-CAN adapter (for PSA-COM)

Adapter for Peugeot / Citroen CAN-BUS vehicles (generally from 2006). The adapter allows immobilizer PIN code retrieval (requires Immobilizer PSA-COM license).

Works with: PSA-COM


BMW 20pin to OBD2

Adapter for BMW vehicles using 20-pin connector in engine compartment. The adapter allows diagnosis of all ECUs as described in our BimCOM diagnostic coverage listing

Works with: BimCOM


ADAPT-BMW20OBD2 to BMW 20pin adapter€37.00 EUR / $43.00 USD1

Mercedes-Benz 38pin to OBD

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