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Latest PSA-COM version is ?
2017-03-10 0.1.6070
New TPMS (DSG) codings

2017-02-22 0.1.6017
Added code to resolve compatibility issues with non-standard ISO14230/KWP2000 ECUs

2016-08-12 0.1.5973
Improved support for some pre-2000 ECUs

2016-05-13 0.1.5929
Fixed HDI additive CAN-BUS ECU addressing problem

2016-04-14 0.1.5909
Improved fault code decoding, fixed problems related to DTC reading.

2016-03-29 0.1.5804
Completely re-written communication code to support recent ECUs

2016-03-02 0.1.5467
Improved CAN BSI configuration

2016-02-19 0.1.5465
CAN BSI configuration writing now available in development mode

2015-11-14 0.1.5421
User interface improvements

2015-10-20 0.1.5406
Added live data for new ECUs (EDC17, SID807, ABS/ESP Bosch9.0)


PSA-COM is diagnostic tool for Peugeot/Citroen and other PSA-Manufactured vehicles (such as Fiat Ulysse).


Our OBD2 to USB PSA-COM interface contains 8x ISO9141 K-Line, 1x ISO9141 L-Line, CAN-BUS, and analog measurement circuits. Supported protocols include ISO15765, PSA2000, Bosch KW71 and PSA2. The diagnostic interface is compatible with Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 or Linux and Mac OS/X (using Wine emulation)

Key features

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You'll get: PSA-COM OBD2 USB interface, USB cable, quickstart sheet. All this packed in a box. Software download online (software on CD-ROM on request only, the software outdates very quickly, so please consider if you really need installation media). Everything is packed in bubble-mailer and all shipment are 100% insured. For more information see global product order page. We provide standard 2-year warranty for our products.

To purchase beta version of pin code reading module (description), purchase the following item. License will be assigned to your interface. You may also need PSA-COM InjCAN adapter. Please use our contact form to get more information about the module.

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