Lexus > ES350 (Korea) > GSV 2012/06-2014/08 > GR

Adaptive Frontlight System 11049190
Airbag 15001
Right Mirror 401610
Main Body 335901120
Lane Departure Alert 17200
Instrument cluster 179199330
Occupant Detection 29000
Master Switch 41000
Passenger Door Motor 19160
Passenger Seat 32933240
Power Source Control 39700
Rear Left Door Motor 19160
A/C 333132471
Rear Right Door Motor 19160
Sliding Roof 59490
Smart Key 17532370
Tilt & Telescope 75210
Blind Spot Monitor Slave 64010
Blind Spot Monitor Master 68150
Power Tailgate 738260
CAN Gateway 33000
Driver Seat 33032220
Left Mirror 401610
ABS 47610606
Electric Power Steering 118003
Pre Crash System 100860
Pre Crash System 7500
Smart Parking Assist System 2824430
Tire Pressure Monitor 251011
Navigation System 36000
Cruise Control 58000
Cruise Control 32000
Automatic Trans-axle 116420702
Automatic Trans-axle 83720503
Engine 127127813
Engine 960259122
Radar Cruise Control 72000
Radar Cruise Control 45000
Remote Engine Starter 50060
Starting Control 10200
The numbers above show maximum of available live data, actuators, configuration options and coding operations, actual ToCOM coverage depends on specific ECU type and vehicle configuration. Actual set is determined when ToCOM is connected with the ECU, thus cannot be exactly specified in this coverage listing.

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