Alfa Romeo Giulietta 2010-2020 [940 (191)]


 INJ/ECM/PCM - Injection (powertrain) control module, engine
Bosch EDC GU 42ff01711220
Bosch EDC16C39 CF5 ECM GU 31620203120
Bosch EDC16C39 CF5 ECM GU 47510203120
Bosch EDC16C39 CF5 ECM GU 50b00203120
Bosch EDC16C39 CF5 ECM GU 64060198120
Bosch EDC16C39 CF5 ECM GU 76a0203120
Bosch EDC16C39 CF5 ECM GU 78a30201120
Bosch EDC16C39 CF5 ECM GU 96710203120
Bosch EDC16C39 CF5 ECM GU a38301671220
Bosch EDC16C39 CF5 ECM GU a4c10203120
Bosch EDC16C39 CF5 ECM GU ad3b0203120
Bosch EDC16C39 CF5 ECM GU be620205120
Bosch EDC16C39 CF5 ECM GU c3150198120
Bosch EDC16C39 CF5 ECM GU dfb00198120
Bosch EDC16C39 CF5 ECM GU e900201120
Bosch EDC16C39 CF5 ECM GU e9840200120
Bosch EDC16C39 CF5 ECM GU fadd0199120
Bosch EDC16C39 CF5 EDC16C39 CF5 ECM GU 3b670205120
Bosch EDC16C39 CF5/EOBD CAN Diesel (EP 1.6l/2.0l)0131174
Bosch EDC17C69 ECM GU 16a902301118
Bosch EDC17C69 ECM GU 34e00226100
Bosch EDC17C69 ECM GU 89040225100
Bosch EDC17C69 ECM GU e6a602231118
Bosch EDC17C69 ECM GU e82b02241118
Bosch ME7 9.1.0 SDU CF5 ECM GU f2220132100
Bosch ME7 9.1.0 SDU CF5 ECM GU/MT 7a73013290
Bosch Motronic Me7.9.10 CF4/EOBD (EP 1.4l)1092183
Bosch Motronic MeD17.3.1 CF5/EOBD (EP 1.8l)0115133
ECM GU 2f680143719
ECM GU 5175012860
ECM GU 7a9a0140620
ECM GU b6490143719
ECM GU b87d0140620
Magneti-Marelli IAW 8GMF CF5/EOBD (EP 1.4l)0128160
Magneti-Marelli IAW GU 3ea80197160
Magneti-Marelli IAW GU 76950196160
Magneti-Marelli IAW GU 8a7c01291816
Magneti-Marelli IAW GU 8c1401291816
Magneti-Marelli IAW GU 8e650209160
Magneti-Marelli IAW GU 998a0210160
Magneti-Marelli IAW GU c45201401816
Magneti-Marelli IAW GU d1fe01401816
Magneti-Marelli IAW GU d910208160
 Transmission Control Module
Magneti-Marelli DDCT CFC8TDF (EP)912870
TCM GU 4ae09001
TCM GU 4c7909001
TCM GU 663012100
TCM GU 9c8a011900
TCM GU e76011800
TCM GU f1d009001


 ABS/ESP Stabilization/Brake System
ABS GU 2e705606
ABS GU 436a0950154
ABS GU 79fd0590154
Continental MK60EC (EP)1342110
 Adaptive Front Lighting System
AFLS GU 2c72030010
AFLS GU ac33031010
Automotive Lighting (EP)53400
 Electronic Power Steering
EPS GU 686e02400
EPS GU e3ea02400
ZF (EP)52300
 Parking Aid Module
PAM GU deea02820
PAM GU/MT 6fce01300


Bosch (EP)207800
ORC DC/GU faaa0712114
ORC GU 545f068038
 Body Control Module (BSI)
BCM GU c85802262720
BCM GU eaa70246277
Delphi Mito/Punto Evo/Guilietta/4C (EP)025704
Magneti-Marelli 101638193
 Driver seat module
DSTM GU 6257042120
Lear (EP)33300
 Heat, Ventilation and A/C
HVAC GU b7de074816
HVAC GU bd95048612
Magneti-Marelli Manual (EP)53800
Magneti-Marelli Two-zone (EP)55800
 Instruments panel cluster
IPC GU 602e05510
IPC GU e5be05510
Instrument cluster Alfa Giulietta 2011 (EP)046320
Instrument cluster Giulietta 2011 (EP)043300
Siemens 3430300
 Parking Aid Module
Valeo (EP) 27600
 Passenger Seat
Lear (EP)31200
PSTM GU 8c8502180


 Convergence Telematic Module
CTM CC/DB/FQ/GU/MT/NY/PE 51a502420
Magneti-Marelli/Microsoft Convergence (EP)82500
 Entertainment Telematic Module
ETM 10104015
ETM 2084023
ETM CC/CL/DB/DC/GU/MT/NY 21a4061060
Magneti-Marelli Radio Navigator (EP)253600
RMN GU/MT 1864040010
RMN GU/MT 7bb7040010

This vehicle has control unit(s) that can be configured using FiCOM. Please note that most modern vehicles have configuration stored centrally in Body computer and configuration is copied to other ECUs using proxi alignment function.

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