Alfa Romeo Giulia 2015-2024 [952]


 Drive Train Control Module
DTCM GA 7d05034025
DTCM GA ac690000
 Electronic Shifter
ESM GA fb8602000
 INJ/ECM/PCM - Injection (powertrain) control module, engine
Bosch EDC GA 1a2d0155108
Bosch EDC GA 9ded0151108
Bosch EDC GA 9fbd0154108
Bosch EDC GA c66501601010
ECM GA 2d1d0154218
ECM GA 47b50142218
ECM GA e9090153218
ECM GA f5150140218
Magneti-Marelli IAW GA 83a1011140
Magneti-Marelli IAW GA a88d011040
Magneti-Marelli IAW GA b491011140
Magneti-Marelli IAW GA c6ed011150
Magneti-Marelli IAW GA f1dd010940
 INJ/ECM/PCM - Injection (powertrain) control module 2, engine
ECM2 GA 744d0136020
ECM2 GA ac450123020
ECM2 GA c2250124020
ECM2 GA de390138020
 Transmission Control Module
TCM GA 51d608000
TCM GA ac690000
 Torque Vectoring Module
TVM GA eb6d03500


 ABS/ESP Stabilization/Brake System
ABS GA c5a50297217
 Adaptive Cruise Control
ACC GA 71017713
 Adaptive Front Lighting System
AFLS GA 30e003705
 Chassis Domain Control Module
CDCM GA 7bed015000
 Electronic Power Steering
EPS GA 9d0303100
 Electronic Steering Lock
ESL GA 60d00701
ESL GA ac690000
 Parking Aid Module
PAM GA 637a01700
PAM GA 7f6601700
PAM GA ac690000
 Trailer tow module
TTM GA add902300


 Active Aerodynamic Module Left
AAML GA 999801500
 Active Aerodynamic Module Right
AAMR GA d98c01500
ORC GA 5193075071
ORC GA ba63069072
 Body Control Module (BSI)
BCM GA0319423
 Comfort Seat Wheel Module
CSWM GA 4b0d01230
 Haptical Lane Feedback
HALF GA ebf503503
 Heat, Ventilation and A/C
HVAC GA 98b0011988
 Instruments panel cluster
IPC GA 858405653
IPC GA dcd405563
 Left Blind Spot Module
LBSS GA bf2703000
 Right Blind Spot Module
RBSS GA ff3303300
 Security gateway
Security gateway02000


 Audio amplifier
AMP GA 7f8c02103
AMP GA fa1c02303
 Active Noise Cancelation
ANC GA 63a801003
 Entertainment Multimedia Control Module
EMCM GA 9ea203823
 Entertainment Telematic Module
ETM GA 42f4067040
 Radio Frequency Hub
RFH GA 4544028950
 Telematic Box Module
TBM GA 925c0403348
 Track Mapping Module
TMM GA ac690000

This vehicle has control unit(s) that can be configured using FiCOM. Please note that most modern vehicles have configuration stored centrally in Body computer and configuration is copied to other ECUs using proxi alignment function.

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