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Latest FoCOM version is ?
2019-02-14 1.0.18479
New firmware with improved functionality

2019-01-04 1.0.18439
Improvements in PCM organisation and naming

2018-11-21 1.0.18425
Configuration XML file (*.ecucfg) load/save redesign

2018-11-18 1.0.18420
Improved Ford UBP diagnostics

2018-10-17 1.0.18405
Added Ford UBP diagnostics

2018-08-24 1.0.18352
Added OBD2 emission tests readiness function to many SCP/CAN PCM ECUs

2018-08-23 1.0.18350
Added OBD2 emission tests readiness function to all UDS (ISO14229) ECUs

2018-06-24 1.0.18215
Added clear crash routine for Bosch UDS airbags (Focus/Mondeo 2010+)

2018-06-22 1.0.18191
Added clear crash routine for Siemens ISO airbags (Fiesta/Fusion/...)

2018-02-02 1.0.18123
Configurations added to the Ford C-MAX 2010-2015 BCM

FoCOM Volvo diagnostics support

FoCOM now contains special diagnostics option to diagnose Volvo cars.

This is experimental function with limited functionality. The function is provided on as-is basis with no guarantee on functionality and use at your own risk. The function may be changed or completely withdrawn in a future version. In case you run into any troubles using this function, please do not hesitate to contact us. Even in case we will not be able to help, your information is useful to further improve the product.

We would like to ask you also to provide control unit snapshots that can be saved from Identification function ("Save ECU information").

For Volvo diagnostics please select direct connection to control units from one of these menus, based on diagnosed model:

  • Special diagnostics > Volvo ISO diagnostics for models before 2000 and for selected control units up to 2005. Volvo V40 and S40 use this option up to 2004 for all ECUs.
  • Special diagnostics > Volvo CAN 2000 diagnostics for models after 2000
  • Special diagnostics > Volvo CAN 2005 diagnostics for models after 2005. Try next option if this fails.
  • Ford (FoMoCo) diagnostics For all models after 2012 and most models after 2008
Autoscan function is not available for Volvo (with exception to recent Volvo vehicles that use standard FoMoCo diagnostics).

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