BMW 3 2018 / G20/G21


BATT48 G306040-
 DME/DDE - Digital Motor/Diesel electronics
DDE 7.01 Bosch EDC17C50 UDS (B47/N47) 4 cylinders70965-
DDE 8.02/8.03/8.12/8.32/8.53 Bosch EDC17 UDS60974-
DME 8FF (Bosch MG1xxx) Bosch MG1CS003/MG1CS201601549-
 EGS - Electronic gearbox control unit
EGS G0560390-
EGS G1160250-
EGS G11 260240-
PCU48 G206080-
 SCR - Selective Catalytic Reduction
SCR G3060190-
 VGS - Transfer case control unit
LMV G116080-


 ABS/ASC/DSC - Anti-lock braking system
DSC G1190451-
DSC G2060474-
Mid Range Radar G056040-
 ACC - Active cruise control
Full Range Radar G116050-
 AHM - Trailer control module
AAG F15602613-
 ARS - Active roll stabilization
Electromechanical active roll stabilization front60140-
 EDC - Electronic damping control
VDP G116090-
 EPS - Electronic power steering
EPS G016090-
EPS G056050-
EPS G116060-
 FZD - Function centre roof module
FZD G1160626-
FLM_L G1160210-
LHML G05601412-
FLM_R G1160390-
LHMR G05601412-
 PMA - Parking maneuver assistant
PMA G1160241-
Ultrasonic sensor G0560212-
EDC G05/G206000-


 CAS - Car access system (immobilizer)
BDC G056025175-
BDC G116023859-
CSM G206000-
 GWS - Gear selector
GWS B G116043-
GWS G056063-
GWS G116043-
 HKFM - Rear functions module
HKFM G1160410-
 KAFAS - Camera-based driver assistance system
KAFAS G1160203-
 KOMBI - Instrument cluster
KOMBI G11702513-
KOMBI SP G11603014-
PCU G1160100-
 SECUR - Security module
SEC G206000-
 SMBF - Seat memory passenger
BFS G11601516-
 SMBFH - Seat memory rear passenger
BFH G11601516-
 SMFA - Seat memory driver
FAS G11601516-
 SMFAH - Seat memory rear driver
FAH G11601516-
SPNM_HL G1160718-
SPNM_HR G1160718-
SPNM FL G1160718-
SPNM_VR G1160718-
 ZGW/ZGM/KGM - Central gateway module
ZGW 2018-6030-
ZGW F016040-
 SRS - Supplementary restraints system (airbag)
 IHKA - Automatic air conditioning
IHKA G056018810-
IHKA G116029543-


 AMP - Audio amplifier
AMP F1060216-
AMP Top HIFI F1060217-
RAM G15601829-
 CCC-BO - Car Communication Computer
Head unit G05601111-
 CON/ZBE - Controller (iDrive)
ZBE G05601611-
ZBE G1160148-
 ECALL - E-Call
ATM G2060101-
Advanced Telematic Module6041-
 KAFAS - Camera-based driver assistance system
KAFAS G056095-
SRR RL G056000-
SRR RR G056000-
SRR FL G056000-
SRR FR G056000-
 TRSVC - Top, Rear, Sideview Camera
TRSVC G1160101-
 VID/TVM - Video module / TV module
TVM G116073-

Number of identifications, fault codes or configurations may vary depending on control unit variant or programming. Count of configurable parameters (codings) is displayed if the BimCOM supports user programmable parameters. If only configuration transfer is possible, Rd/Wr is displayed.

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