BMW 3 2018 / F30/F31


 DME/DDE - Digital Motor/Diesel electronics
DDE 7.01 Bosch EDC17 UDS (N47) 4 cylinder60422-
DDE 7.01 Bosch EDC17C50 UDS (B37) 3 cylinders70915-
DDE 7.01 Bosch EDC17C50 UDS (B47/N47) 4 cylinders70965-
DDE 7.2 Bosch EDC17 UDS (N47) 4 cylinder60412-
DDE 7.31/7.51 Bosch EDC17 UDS60915-
DDE 7.41 Bosch EDC17 UDS (B57/N57)60875-
DDE 7.41 Bosch EDC17 UDS (N57) 6 cylinder60462-
DDE 8.02/8.03/8.12/8.32/8.53 Bosch EDC17 UDS60974-
DME 8FF (Bosch MG1xxx) Bosch MG1CS003/MG1CS201601549-
DME BX80 Bosch MEVD17.2.3 UDS6000-
DME BX82 Bosch MEVD17.2.3 UDS6000-
DME Bosch MEV17.2 UDS (MSA/Hybrid)605812-
DME Bosch MEV17.2.4 UDS (N20)60479-
DME Bosch MEV17.25 (N13)60508-
DME Bosch MEVD17.2.3 (B38/B48/B58)60887-
DME Bosch MEVD17.2.6 UDS (Alpina B3 6cyl N55)6080-
 EGS - Electronic gearbox control unit
8HPxx TU60240-
EGS 8Pxx F1060280-
EGS G0560390-
EGS GSB231 8HPxxx F01/07/1060540-
 EKPS - Electronic Fuel Pump
EKP3 F016083-
EME2 F3060200-
 SCR - Selective Catalytic Reduction
SCR F3060200-
 SME - Memory Management Electronics
SME F1560150-
 VGS - Transfer case control unit
VTG LMV F01/F256091-


 ABS/ASC/DSC - Anti-lock braking system
DSC 25 (F25)60272-
DSC ATE 25 (F20/F10/F80)60292-
DSC G1190451-
DSC G2060474-
DSC I01 (F56/I01/I12/F45)60281-
 ACC - Active cruise control
Full Range Radar F106020-
 AHM - Trailer control module
AHM F01601013-
 EDC - Electronic damping control
VDC F2560150-
 EDCSHL - Electronic damping satellite rear left
EDCSHL F016030-
 EDCSHR - Electronic damping satellite rear right
EDCSHR F016030-
 EDCSVL - Electronic damping satellite front left
EDCSVL F016030-
 EDCSVR - Electronic damping satellite front right
EDCSVR F016030-
 EMF - Electronic parking brake
EMF F1060140-
 EPS - Electronic power steering
EPS F20/F2560220-
EPS F2560210-
EPS I016050-
EPS I126080-
 FLA - High-beam assistant
FLA F2060140-
 FZD - Function centre roof module
FZD F15604910-
FZD F2060518-
 LDM/ICM - Longitudal dynamic management
ICM F2560533-
ICMQL F0160543-
FLE 02 L60291-
FLE I01 L60223-
FLE 02 R60291-
FLE I01 R60223-
 PDC - Park Distance Control
PDC F01/F07/F10/F2560221-
 PMA - Parking maneuver assistant
PMA F106050-
PMA F1560202-
PMA F2060212-
 RDC - Tire pressure monitoring
RDC UDS60111-
 SINE - Siren and tilt alarm sensor
DWA F1260390-
 SVT - Servotronic (electronic power steering)
SVT F0160120-
TMSL F016018-
TMSR F016018-


 CAS - Car access system (immobilizer)
BDC G056025175-
FEM F2015027186-
 GWS - Gear selector
GWS F016095-
GWS2 F206093-
GZAL 016054-
GZAR 016054-
 HKFM - Rear functions module
HKFM F1160194-
HKFM G1160410-
 KAFAS - Camera-based driver assistance system
KAFAS F109094-
KAFAS F2060385-
 KOMBI - Instrument cluster
KOMBI F01/F07/F106067-
KOMBI F25160710-
KOMBI SP G11603014-
 REM - Rear electronic module
REM F20807928-
 SMBF - Seat memory passenger
BFS F01602521-
 SMBFH - Seat memory rear passenger
BFH F0160250-
BFH F12608229-
 SMFA - Seat memory driver
FAS F01602521-
FAS F12608227-
 ZGW/ZGM/KGM - Central gateway module
ZGW F016040-
 SRS - Supplementary restraints system (airbag)
 IHKA - Automatic air conditioning
IHKA F01607437-
IHKA F207011232-
IHKA F25707127-
IHX I016012819-


 AMP - Audio amplifier
AMP Top HIFI F1060217-
AMPTHB F1060616-
 CCC-ASK - Car Communication Computer – Audio System Controller
ASD F106054-
 CCC-BO - Car Communication Computer
CHAMP2 F10603528-
Entry head unit602129-
HU-B Head unit603329-
Head unit G05601111-
Next Big Thing601926-
 CON/ZBE - Controller (iDrive)
CON ZBE5 iDrive F1060177-
CON/ZBE iDrive F0170171-
ZBE G05601611-
ZBE G1160148-
ZBE L F2060811-
 ECALL - E-Call
Advanced Telematic Module6041-
 HUD - Head-Up-Display
HUD F0160103-
SRR RL G056000-
 TCU/ULF - Telematic Control Unit
COMBOX Telefon F2560141-
 TRSVC - Top, Rear, Sideview Camera
TRSVC F0160217-

Number of identifications, fault codes or configurations may vary depending on control unit variant or programming. Count of configurable parameters (codings) is displayed if the BimCOM supports user programmable parameters. If only configuration transfer is possible, Rd/Wr is displayed.

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