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ToCOM known problems and future improvements

No connection with some ECUs on Lexus GS300

It is not possible to connect to some interior ECUs on Lexus GS300 2006. Problem is being investigated.

1NZ-FE Yaris 2002 engine

Problem with connection to 1NZ-FE engine on one Yaris 2002. It is possible this was electrical problem in the car: another Yaris with the same engine worked fine. This problem will be further investigated when another user reports the same problem.

No connection with EPS on Toyota Aygo

EHPS on Toyota Aygo platform (includes Citroen C1/Peugeot 107) is currently not supported - resolution is under development.

Diesel injector coding

Some diesel engine injector codings are not tested or implemented. Please provide a log file if you encounter any problems.

User friendly model selection

Non-US Toyota/Lexus models are manufactured at multiple facilities with many differences. We'll try to make model selection more user friendly in next version(s).

Coding functions assignment

Some coding functions may be incorrectly assigned to some ECUs at this moment (they are showed in diagnostic application but not supported by the ECU). Please refer to the user manual for further information. Problem is being resolved as more and more data are gathered. Copyright (c) 2007-2023 SECONS s.r.o.. All rights reserved. [Legal info]