Latest FCOM version is ?
2019-02-14 1.0.18479
New firmware with improved functionality

2019-01-04 1.0.18439
Improvements in PCM organisation and naming

2018-11-21 1.0.18425
Configuration XML file (*.ecucfg) load/save redesign

2018-11-18 1.0.18420
Improved Ford UBP diagnostics

2018-10-17 1.0.18405
Added Ford UBP diagnostics

2018-08-24 1.0.18352
Added OBD2 emission tests readiness function to many SCP/CAN PCM ECUs

2018-08-23 1.0.18350
Added OBD2 emission tests readiness function to all UDS (ISO14229) ECUs

2018-06-24 1.0.18215
Added clear crash routine for Bosch UDS airbags (Focus/Mondeo 2010+)

2018-06-22 1.0.18191
Added clear crash routine for Siemens ISO airbags (Fiesta/Fusion/...)

2018-02-02 1.0.18123
Configurations added to the Ford C-MAX 2010-2015 BCM

FoCOM Interface Upgrade

The new interface supports latest Ford protocols (as of 2012) and covers the latest models such as Ford Focus 2012 or Mondeo 2011. It also supports a lot of new features such as CAN-BUS test (not supported by previous interface). We will support pre-2012 interfaces for at least 2 years (this means that FoCOM is guaranteed to work with old interfaces until 2014), however we recommend to upgrade before your interface becomes obsolete and unsupported. You will get a lot of new features!

You can easily distinguish between pre-2012 and 2012+ interface. The new version has full-size B USB connector and has bigger housing (previous version is smaller and has mini-USB B connector).

Important notice: Interface upgrade is NOT possible for FoCOM counterfeit interfaces. If you have not purchased FoCOM from us and you have doubts if you have genuine FoCOM interface, please do not hesitate to contact us


We will ship replacement ("upgrade") interface after we receive both payment and the old interface from the customer. Customer is responsible for delivering the old interface to our office (registered post is recommended). Please do not forget to include your order number when shipping the old interface.

Please note that cost of upgrade has to be considered as upgrade fee, we're not making profit on interface upgrades. New 24-month warranty applies to all interface upgrades. Copyright (c) 2007-2018 SECONS s.r.o.. All rights reserved. [Legal info]